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Owning or Leasing the land beneath your feet...
By Jerry
February 2, 2012
There are many lakes in Illinois which vary in the way you'll live.  Many of us understand that when we buy a home we also own the land or lot where it resides; however, a lake may pose a different scenario. A home owner may actually have to lease the land or shoreline from an entity like DNR, the local city, or the lake association itself. There are obvious benefits/ limitations to each way. Lake House Jerry brings this knowledge to his clients to better educate them in this home buying process.
Finding your property
By Jerry
February 2, 2012
Welcome to Illinois only website dedicated to farms and lake properties in Illinois. As this has been a tedious process of finding these properties in the past, we are bringing the best of what Illinois has to offer in one easy-to-find place. Many areas are still being populated, so be patient or let us know what you are searching for and we will try our various outlets to help you find and purchase what you are looking for.!

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